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China Financial Futures Exchange (CFFEX), the only exchange in China focusing on financial futures and the first corporate exchange in China, is charged with the important tasks of promoting the innovation and development of China’s financial market and building a world-class exchange through international competition.

The essence of international competition is the competition for talents. Outstanding talents are not only the cornerstone for CFFEX to step onto the world stage but also the momentum of CFFEX to innovate and grow. Therefore, we are committed to building a world-class professional team of high caliber.

We are now constructing a "Talent Bank". Elites and professionals with overseas financial working experience from all over the world, especially those proficient in international rules and practices on financial futures and boasting advanced management experience and expertise in financial futures industry, are most welcomed.

If you feel like experiencing with us the exciting moments in constructing China’s financial futures market, please do not hesitate to send your resume to Should there be any vacancy that matches your background, we will contact you promptly.

With a flexible management mechanism, broad space for development and corporate culture encouraging innovation and excellence, CFFEX is a great platform for you to display passion and talent. You are sincerely invited to join us to witness the course of CFFEX’s emerging in the forefront of the world financial arena.

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