• Hedge: Stock Index Futures Propel Innovation of Stock Market
  • RMB Derivatives (2nd Edition) (Volumes I and II)
  • Financial Derivatives: Evolution Path and Regulatory Measures
Stock Index Futures Application Strategy and Risk Control -- Selection of Award-winning Papers in 1st Financial Futures and Options Research Papers Contest

Edited by China Financial Futures Exchange
Published by China Financial Publishing House
Published on July 1, 2009

Capsule Summary:
The book is a collection of award-winning papers in the “1st Financial Futures and Options Research Papers Contest” sponsored by the China Financial Futures Exchange. Involving cutting-edge theory, these papers not only probe into practical issues based on the status quo of domestic and international futures and options but also put forward corresponding solutions and advice. Classified into basic theory, products design and application, and market supervision and risk control, and authored by practitioners at securities companies and researchers from institutions of higher learning, the 19 high-quality research papers, in-depth analyses on the theory and application of stock index futures in all facets, contribute to not only the social research and understanding of financial futures market but also the research cooperation of the exchange in the future.