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Postdoctoral Station

Established in August 2010, the Postdoctoral Research Station of China Financial Futures Exchange aims at training high-end researchers for China's capital market. The first postdoctoral researchers joined the research station in 2011. 

With research-friendly environment and solid database, the research station has set up a platform to exchange research information with well-known financial institutions and universities home and abroad. Its instructor panel consists of prominent experts in relevant fields. The research station boasts comfortable working conditions and various communication opportunities. 

The research station has a well-structured management system. Underlining originality, prospection, fundamentality and systematization, it mainly studies strategic and key topics concerning the development of financial futures market. Postdoctoral researchers are recruited publicly through scientific procedures. Recruited researchers will be trained in an all-round way with exposure to both field and theoretic work. Well-designed assessment and incentive mechanism are in place to encourage research fruits. 

With strong support from all sides, the research station aims at training top postdoctoral researchers and building a prestigious postdoctoral research station that nurtures professionals for China's capital market. 


Address: 6/F, LJZ Plaza, 1600 Century Avenue, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 

Postcode: 200122

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