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Updating Membership Information

A member shall submit a written report to the Exchange within ten business days upon any of the following occurrences:

(1) change of its legal representative;

(2) any change in its registered capital or equity structure;

(3) any change in its name, domicile, scope of business, or contact details;

(4) any change in the officers of a futures company Member or any change in the relevant business managers of a non-futures company Member;

(5) the net capital or any other risk control indicator of a futures firm Member fails to meet the standards set by CSRC;

(6) merger, division, and establishment or closure of branches;

(7) involvement in any major litigation or economic dispute;

(8) obtainment of membership from any other exchange;

(9) being subject to any investigation or regulatory measure by competent authorities for a suspected violation or subject to any criminal, administrative, or self-regulatory punishment;

(10) change of accounting firm;

(11) the lawful cancellation or invalidation of any resolution of the shareholders’ general meeting, the shareholders’ meeting, or the board of directors; or

(12) any other circumstance determined by the Exchange.

Documents for download:

Appendix 1: List of Materials Required for Change of Member Name

Appendix 2: List of Materials Required for Change of Clearing Agent Relationship

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