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Exchange News
China Financial Futures Exchange is Inviting Applications for Middle to Senior Level Positions

China Financial Futures Exchange Co., Ltd. (CFFEX) was established in 2006 with the approval of the State Council of China and China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC). It is the first and only demutualized exchange in Chinese mainland that specializes in the trading and clearing of financial derivatives. Since its inception, CFFEX has been continuously promoting marketization, the rule of law and internationalization while actively contributing to the formation of a multi-tiered capital market and the One Belt, One Road Initiative. With the vision of building a world class exchange with Chinese characteristics and global competitiveness, CFFEX now invites applications for Middle to Senior Level Positions dedicated to further developing China’s financial derivatives market. 

I.General Job Requirements

1.High ethical standards: abide by the laws and corporate bylaws of PRC; passionate about developing China’s capital markets; strong integrity, diligence, team spirit, self-discipline and prestige.

2.Strong educational background: master’s degree or above in economics, finance, finance engineering, finance mathematics, investment, law, computer science or a related discipline; diplomas should be obtained from renowned institutes of higher education; fluency in English and operational Mandarin is required.

3.Extensive experience in securities and futures industry: 7+(for Middle Positions) and 9+(for Senior Positions) years of experience as regulator in financial regulatory institutions/ trade surveillance and self-regulation personnel in self-regulatory organizations/ professional in asset management, investment banking, risk management, market research, IT in financial institutions/ personnel engaging in securities and futures related activities in accounting firms, law firms, large listed companies or IT companies/ economic researcher or financial management officer in economic and technology government departments/ researcher or project manager in related disciplines in universities or research institutes.

4.Solid managerial capabilities and professional expertise: 3+ years of management experience in the same financial regulatory institution, self-regulatory organizations, financial institutions, accounting firms, law firms, large listed companies or IT companies, economic and technology government departments, universities or research institutes.

5.Good physical and mental health.

Applicants shall recuse him/herself from positions in cases required by China Securities Commission and CFFEX.  

II.Vacancies and Job Description

1.Senior Level Positions

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Job Responsibilities: oversee ongoing operations and procedures of the exchange, including design and implementation of business and global strategies, plans and procedures, setting comprehensive goals for performance and growth, and oversight of the daily operations of the exchange.

Requirements: background in economics, finance, law or a related discipline; familiar with financial derivatives market and relevant laws and regulations; strong risk management awareness, global awareness and international vision; managerial experience in large listed companies, financial institutions and law firms is an advantage.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Job Responsibilities: head responsibility for the exchange’s IT infrastructure and services, including design and development to meet future strategic needs, evaluation and application of the latest technologies, and oversight of the information security strategy.

Requirements: background in computer science and technology, electronics and computer engineering or a related discipline; expertise in data base language or software development technology; experience in major IT projects or IT system development; experience in major Chinese or international internet companies is an advantage.

Chief Product Officer (CPO)

Job Responsibilities: supervise the exchange’s overall product strategy, including evaluating and optimizing the operation and function of existing products, formulating and supervising the implementation of the development plan for all product lines, covering equity index, interest rate and currency derivatives.

Requirements: background in finance, finance engineering, finance mathematics or a related discipline; familiar with the market operation and development patterns of Chinese and global financial derivatives markets; strong research, analysis and innovative capabilities in financial derivatives products; experience in overseas market development of financial derivatives is an advantage.

2.Middle Level Positions

Interest Rate Derivatives R&D (Deputy Director/ Expert or above)

?Job Responsibilities: develop interest rate products including Treasury bond futures; coordinate with relevant regulatory bodies; promote the orderly access various financial institutions.

Requirements: background in economics, finance or a related discipline; familiar with interest rate products and rules; experience in R&D or regulation of interest rate products is an advantage.

FX Derivatives R&D (Deputy Director/ Expert or above)

?Job Responsibilities: research and study latest trends in global FX derivatives markets, design and improve FX contracts and rules in line with the RMB exchange rate formation reform and RMB internationalization strategy.

Requirements: background in finance, finance mathematics, investment or a related discipline; familiar with FX products and rules; experience in R&D or regulation of FX products is an advantage.

Options R&D (Deputy Director/ Expert or above)

Job Responsibilities: research and study latest trends in global options markets, design and improve options contracts and rules, promote the listing of options.

Requirements: background in finance, finance engineering, finance mathematics or a related discipline; f familiar with options products and rules; experience in R&D or regulation of options products is an advantage. 

III.Application Process

1.Hiring Process

    Receive applications

    Fit and proper review

    Test and evaluation (for Middle Position)


    Probationary Period

    Health check

    Sign employment contract

2.How to apply

Download and fill in Application Form for Middle to Senior Level Positions.

Submit application form along with education and work experience credentials via email to (titled “Application for Middle to Senior Level Positions – Desired Position”)or via mail to Human Resources Department, China Financial Futures Exchange, 1600 Century Avenue, Pudong New District, Shanghai.

3.All information provided must be authentic, complete and in standardized form, applicants will be held accountable for the authenticity and accuracy of the above information. All consequences due to discrepancy between information and fact will be borne by the applicant. All personal information will remain confidential.

4.The closing date for applications is 20 May 2018. 

IV.Application Process

1.We will apply a market oriented approach to give full play to the professional strengths of the successful candidate by selectively adopting project based contracts or term employment.

2.We offer a competitive remuneration and benefits package. Under permissible circumstances, we may help the successful candidate obtain household registration and provide transitional housing.

3.We will recommend successful candidates who meet relevant criteria for the Thousand Talents Plan and the Ten Thousand Talents Plan, as well as provide various support with regard to research projects, work environment and training and development.                                                              

V.Contact Information



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