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CFFEX Obtains Legal Entity Identifier Code

On Feb 13th, 2018, China Financial Futures Exchange completed the application of a Legal Entity Identifier (hereinafter referred to as “LEI”) code through China Financial Standardization Technical Committee, China’s local operating unit of the Global Legal Entity Identifier System. LEI is a 20-digit, alpha-numeric code based on the ISO 17442 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization. It connects to key reference information that enables clear and unique identification of legal entities participating in financial transactions.


The LEI code will help CFFEX confirm its central counterparty status in the derivatives market within the Global Legal Entity Identifier System, thus support international financial institutions participating in China’s futures market to meet global regulatory requirements.


    Relevant details are as follows:

    Legal Entity Name:  China Financial Futures Exchange

    LEI Code:           30030072NOVE6XE20095

    Date of Issuance:   2018-02-13

    Date of Expiry:     2019-02-13

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